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a billboard showcasing the enora air cushion, reading 'discover air-powered care'

Frontier Medical, a global market leader in the innovation, treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers wanted to launch a new direct to consumer brand, the first of its kind. We created Enora—a people focussed brand, with a consumer focused story. Products powered by the supportive nature of air, empowering customers to take control of their health.

What we did

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Naming & Brand Architecture
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand Identity & Guidance
Shopify Store Development
Language & Content
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Project goals

Create a new category

Take a brand to market by creating a whole new category in the consumer space, using strategy, narrative and design to establish Enora as market leader.

Promote the power of air

Tell a compelling story through content and messaging that promotes the healing properties of air redistribution in seating and sleep aid products.

Make a medical product feel accessible

Rethink the appearance, design and marketing of a medical product range to appeal to consumers from different categories.

A platform for growth

Develop a brand platform and narrative that feels complete from day one, while being flexible enough to evolve with ambitious multi-region growth targets.

The new name in at-home treatment

The new company needed a name that was consumer focussed, memorable, ownable and one that could evolve with the market and product range. Working in partnership with the Frontier Medical team we gained a deep understanding of the products and the problems they solve.

  • The products are essentially enablers—enabling people to recover or reduce pain so they can live fuller lives.
  • The product range, specifically for sitting and sleeping is designed around air technology, creating a protective barrier around the user.

  • The name needed to evoke a feeling, rather than clearly defining a specific product or sector, allowing for future product innovation and selling in new markets.

  • This framework led us to Enora—Enabling life, and creating an Aura of protection and support.
enora air cushion and packaging

Creating an ownable name for a brand in a competitive market is a challenge. Enora hits all the right notes in terms of personality and tone, and is created with a strategy that allows us to tell a brand story.

Tom Lloyd, Creative Director

man in a wheelchair working at home sitting on an enora product

A norm-breaking brand

From our market research it was clear that Enora would be operating in a market ripe for disruption. Medical products are historically sold in a cold, unemotional way. Colour often reverted to the safety of medical blues and greens. Logos were corporate, imagery was unimaginative and messaging was overly factual.

We developed a creative strategy built on the unique selling point of air-powered products, setting them apart in the comfort solutions market. Across the brand we focus on softness, lightness and comfort—from the ‘floating’ logo through to the warm colour palette inspired by the emotions evoked by using the innovative products.

enora business card
packshot of the enora air cushion
curved typography in the enora typeface named 'Jokker'
an enora lorry

Creating an aura around customers

Central to the brand strategy was the emphasis on illustrating the positive influence Enora had on customers. To represent this visually, we introduced The Aura, a radiant halo around customers designed to guide, lift, and provide comfort throughout their Enora journey. We used illustration and stylised photography to capture the sense of protection and relief.

elderly woman reading a book smiling with a yellow glow around her
young man smiling whilst looking at his martphone, with a blue glow around him
an enora illustration on an iphone

It was important for Enora to represent something much more than a consumer healthcare brand, the ultimate goal was to really tap into the energy and feeling that surrounds people when they purchase a product that adds value to their life.

Dave Griffiths, Senior Designer

close up of the enora green wheelchair cusion
the blue enora air cushion
close up of the enora air sleeper in yellow
close up of the air inner for the enora air cushion

Making medical products feel at home

To help Enora launch a new product range in a new market we developed a design language for the physical products, utilising the brand colour to help them resonate with the home environment. We art directed product and lifestyle photography, for use across marketing materials and the website.

Language and messaging that clicks

Key to differentiating Enora from anything else on the market is the tone of voice, language and messaging. In a sea of technical, medical and product oriented messaging we helped the brand stand out by focussing on people and their needs.

Our marketing team developed comprehensive tone-of-voice guidelines that blended captivating brand language with expertise. These guidelines were instrumental in crafting unique brand messages that effectively communicate across all touchpoints, encompassing emotive language as well as product-related details.

As well as highlighting the capabilities of the product range and the medical expertise within Enora, we also created compelling narrative stories through digital and print channels. We presented the brand across diverse media platforms, positioning Enora as a disruptive force in its industry.

typographic poster on yellow on an outdoor billboard
large enora billboard of woman stretching her arms out, text above her head reading 'live comfortably'

Creating an ecommerce experience

Typically, medical products are sold via third parties, through telesales or in-person. To launch as a direct to consumer brand Enora needed an ecommerce platform that was built for purpose and able to grow with the company.

We designed a tailored Shopify theme, seamlessly integrating the brand into the ecommerce experience, introducing their product to the consumer marketplace. The brand's versatile design style provided Enora with the flexibility to iterate and expand during the initial stages of the product launch.

the enora website on a laptop being held up in the sky
enora website on a iphone
various UI and imagery of the enora brand
the enora shop on an ipad
the enora website on a macbook pro
enora air cushion product page on a mobile
a woman in a care home being helped off her enora air cushion

Enora launched in October 2023 and has since been featured in both medical and nationwide press, and attracted a number of social influencers. We continue to support the marketing team with ongoing reviews and analysis of sales, traffic and marketing to help them optimise the offering.

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Photography - Simon Regan

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