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Redefine your business with branding. Grow market share and win new customers. Engage and energise a workforce. For over 20 years we’ve been delivering brand and creative strategy for organisations that are ready to transform.


Why partner with Toward on your branding project?

An amazing brand is your biggest ally. It’s the ‘why’ behind the decision someone makes to engage with you. It’s the experience of talking to you, seeing your marketing, visiting your website or buying from you. It’s the first word that comes to someone's mind when they think about you, backed up by an experience to match.

We create effective brand strategies backed by research and data that successful businesses are built on.

We deliver captivating brand stories, authentic positioning, and visual and verbal brand identities that set you apart.

We design brand experiences that tell your story and engage with your audiences.

How we bring brands to life with strategy, visual identities and experiences

What we deliver

A man writing on a wall as part of a brand strategy workshop

A strong, compelling and authentic brand is built on a deep understanding of your organisation, customers, culture and market. We immerse ourselves in your world, speaking to people, engaging teams, analysing data and revealing insight. This serves as a platform for a brand with integrity—a true representation of your business.

  • Discovery & Research

  • Workshops & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Customer Research

  • Market Analysis

  • Data Analysis

Successful brands, measured by impact

Without impact, branding is just pretty pictures. We measure the success of our work by the impact it makes on an organisation.

Return on investment

Brand should have direct impact on sales and revenue, returning the investment in a reasonable timeframe.

Fuel growth

Fuel business growth, by aligning sales and marketing with the brand becoming central to your growth ambitions.

Internal engagement

Improved internal culture and alignment with a clear internal brand strategy that provides direction.

Level up recruitment

Utilise brand and internal culture as a recruitment tool and attract the highest quality people.

Raise capital

Increase early stage valuation by creating brand equity, helping startups raise more capital.

Increase valuation

Build brand equity, and increase its value as part of future merger or acquisition.

Our Impact

£50k → £6m

Following a £50k investment into their brand by Toward, a IOT technology firm was acquired for £50m, with the brand being valued at £6m.

392% increase in revenue

Ecommerce website redesign and Shopify development resulted in an increase in revenue of almost 400% compared to the previous 12 months.

Toward took time to understand our goals and desired outcomes and proposed a rebrand and website that surpassed any of our expectations.

Jack Addicott, Project Owner, Circle

2 posters advertising Circle on a concrete wall. People are walking past

Working with Toward was such a positive experience. They absolutely understood what we were hoping to achieve and delivered way beyond our expectations.

Lucy Cohen, Co-founder, Mazuma

55% increase in sales

As a result of the marketing work by Toward, Cardiff City FC saw a 55% increase in sales of their new kit, making the most successful kit launch in the clubs history.

£1.5m raised for growth

Following the brand work by Toward, a startup accountancy platform secured a £1.5m investment to fuel growth.

From the very first conversation with Toward, we had no doubt that this was the team that could bring our vision to life. They did not disappoint.

Rich Thomas, Co-Founder, Moxie People

A series of layouts and posters branded with Moxie's messaging, imagery and colours


Digital experiences that connect

Connect, engage and interact with your audience through digital strategy, websites and digital experiences.

What we deliver

Research & Insight
Digital Strategy
Experience & Web design
Bespoke Web Development
Digital Marketing
Digital Partnership

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