Transforming a military equipment trailblazer for a global stage


Solider wearing a full military outfit on a snow-covered mountain


The design and production of military-grade equipment is a competitive market. Genuine JayJays, veterans in innovative kit solutions, needed to overhaul its brand and shift its perception for a worldwide audience.


We stripped back their name and created a robust and impactful visual identity that champions their products, showcases their innovation and includes flexibility to diversify its future offering.

Example of website design on a laptop device.

Taking inspiration from the Celtic shield knot—once carried into battle by soldiers—we created an icon of infinite looping Js as a symbol of protection paired with a robust, custom wordmark. 

With a range of equipment in varying shapes and sizes, the flexibility of JayJay's identity was essential. No matter the application, it needed to flex, maintaining impact without losing its character.

icon from JayJays logo
Moss brand colour referenced from photo of moss
Flare brand colour referenced from a photo of someone holding up a flare
JayJays stacked logo

Part of the brand challenge included how it would connect to wider, non-military audiences when diversifying into the outdoors marketplace. It had to clearly segment its offering without losing its visual identity. So, a split colour palette was created to differentiate between the two product lines: Moss—for blending in—and Flare, a bright orange for standing out.

Packaging design for Jayjays products
Jayjays clothing tag for military products
branded mail bag packaging design
Product collection page from JayJays website displayed on a mobile phone
icons representing product performance features

To effectively communicate the unique performance features of their products, we created a bespoke suite of icons designed to echo the solidity of the logo and brand typography.

A selection of product data sheets
Mockup showing web page of JayJays outdoors products on a mobile phone
Billboard advert for JayJays military clothing
Instagram story advert for the explorer range shown on a mobile phone
examples of social media posts promoting products

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