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Video production agency STORM+SHELTER approached us to reposition its brand and develop a new website to help provide its audiences with a clear journey. Our goal was to create a more mature identity that reflected the culture of the company, while efficiently guiding clients to the information they need and showcasing the amazing work.


Our vision for the brand was inspired by the agency's name. By leveraging the dual nature of the words, we were able to capture the essence of the brand. STORM representing the captivating, director-led commercials, while SHELTER symbolises effective and engaging content production. By combining these distinct personalities, we were able to create a new cohesive brand direction that perfectly encapsulated their unique approach.

storm and shelter logo

We created an identity that blends the duality of their brand using simple icons in black and white, effectively communicating their two distinct personalities. The simple symbols help effectively communicate the brand through a universal lens.

storm&shelter totebag being carried by a man

Drawing from a camera's crosshair, we incorporated the 'plus' from their name as a key branding element. It seamlessly transitions between their dual personalities, offering a glimpse into their world of film and video.

We selected Founders Grotesk as the primary typeface because it effectively conveyed the brand's versatility, seamlessly communicating both personalities without appearing disjointed. It was crucial for STORM+SHELTER's video content and commercial offerings to feel cohesive under one brand while also being able to stand alone.

We crafted brand messaging that helped STORM+SHELTER communicate their services through their two personalities. The new brand language exuded a vibrant energy that instilled confidence, enhanced persuasiveness, and improved flexibility.

a white billboard displaying text'spark some magic into your socials.'
an instagram story promoting freelance jobs for storm & shelter
various social post designs showing imagery, typography and branding
storm&shelter sign
a storm and shelter billboard with large text 'ignite your brand story'

The identity was designed to be eye-catching and versatile, lending itself to application across STORM+SHELTER's equipment, merchandise, and internal stationery.

a light with the storm & shelter icons displayed on the side
a storm and shelter branded video accessories backpack
storm and shelter hoody in black
a storm and shelter branded business card

We created an immersive website that consolidated all content in one location. By developing separate areas of the site dedicated to each service, users can easily access the content they desire without getting lost, facilitated by a global navigation.

storm and shelter website on ipad
storm and shelter website on various devices
the storm and shelter homepage on a macbook
storm & shelter website work page
storm & shelter website video content work page on mobile

We built custom animations throughout the website allowing the brand to be present across all of the pages, highlighting, transitioning and introducing their beautiful film and video content.

We’re super pleased with the vibe and confidence of the brand and the website—the new look and feel reflects our ambition to kick some serious arse on the global stage.

Nick Patterson


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