New brand for Liberty Marketing

By Mike,

January 2024


Today we see the launch of a brand new identity for Liberty Marketing. It’s been a project in the making over the last 12 months and it’s great to see it unleashed to the world.

Liberty has been a business we’ve long admired and over the years, and having gotten to know Founder and CEO Gareth and his team and their expertise, it was an honour when they asked the Toward team to help them reposition their brand.

It’s not unusual for a great business, that focusses on their team, their service and delivery, to lose sight of what they stand for and as a result they turn their back on the key ingredient that makes them unique. They’re left fighting amongst the pack and not standing out. Even when the business is delivering, a lost voice or missing direction gets felt internally and noticed externally.

The expertise and reputation that Liberty have long carried has stood them in great stead but the new brand strategy takes them back to their roots, standing up for what they’ve always believed in - an open, honest and realistic view on what performance marketing means and what it can deliver.

The Liberty logo as a pin badge on a leather jacket surrounded by other pin badges
A promotional outdoor billboard with an advert for Liberty

Working with them, we’ve developed a brand strategy, position, narrative and identity that proudly differentiates them in the market and which is a true reflection of their internal culture and ambition. It gives them a platform to tell their story.

For the first time we asked the team to really embrace their name. Incorporating what Liberty means—freedom, revolution, celebration and a force for good, into a logo mark that fly’s the flag for everything the company stands for. The logo is simple but instantly recognisable with its distinctive rising shape symbolising growth and improvement that the agency delivers for its clients. The new colour palette adds vibrancy and energy, while maintaining a more mature style and the new brand typeface adds personality and character.

We congratulate the whole team at Liberty for embracing this challenge, helping to shape this transformative project. Credit also to Karolo Design who used our design guidance to develop the new website.

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