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By Dave,

October 2023

cardiff city fc striker CALLUM ROBINSON smiling on the pitch, wearing a cardiff city fc community foundation t shirt

Meet Cardiff City FC Community Foundation, a community focused charity who we've worked with since 2021. Together, we've embarked on an exciting journey to breathe new life into their brand, recently aligning the brand with their powerful mission to change lives and transform communities. This post talks about our recent design work and the impact they have on communities across the vibrant landscapes of south Wales.

The journey so far

In 2021, our journey with Foundation began as we collaborated with their team to enhance their brand and website, empowering them to stand out as a community-focused charity. Their inspiring work deserved a platform that could foster growth and community engagement. To read about how the journey began visit our case study.

Now in 2023, we've further evolved their brand to reflect their renewed objectives:

  • Improving Health & Wellbeing
  • Supporting Learning & Skills
  • Building Stronger Communities

Capturing the community

One of the stand-out aspects of the organisation is the profound impact on communities and the individuals they work with. They are incredibly active in south Wales, offering an array of programs, from educational initiatives and soccer schools to after-school clubs, health programs, and qualifications, accessible to people from all walks of life. It was important for the brand to encapsulate the essence of these services.

To achieve this, we introduced an existing partnership with the talented photographer, Sophie Jordan. She embarked on a journey across south Wales with Foundation, capturing the very heart of their mission. Sophie's photography style was an ideal match for the brand, as she specialises in capturing genuine, unfiltered emotions and a profound sense of authenticity and integrity, aligning perfectly with the direction we aimed to take their brand.

cardiff city fc player ebou adams wearing a branded community foundation t shirt
a photograph of grangetown station sign
an older man teaching two young males how to build something out of wood, outside cardiff city stadium
a man wearing a gap and glasses smiling watching his team play football
a young girl playing football in a astroturf court in the community, wearing a cardiff city fc kit
a young girl smiling, holding a football in her primary school courtyard
two young males playing football in a court, wearing yellow bibs
two young males playing football at a park, wearing multi coloured bibs
a young black male raising his hand smiling in a school classroom

Evolving the brand style

Much like the communities we're part of, brands and organisations naturally evolve over time. Two years into our journey, our work with Cardiff City FC Community Foundation continues. We've closely collaborated with their team to refine their brand and extend its application across various touch points, while preserving its core essence as the authentic voice of the community—exemplified by the use of organic aesthetics and expressive brush strokes throughout the brand.

In this evolution, we introduced a new typeface Basier Narrow from Atipo Foundry, injecting a fresh burst of vitality and a feeling of maturity while maintaining the brand's inherent spirit of charity and people-first focus. Basier Narrow was a deliberate choice, belonging to the same font family we initially introduced in 2021. It's essential to consider how new typefaces seamlessly integrate with a brand, and this one struck the perfect balance to align with the Foundation's goals.

typographic exploration of font basier circle narrow
the cardiff city fc community foundation logo on top of an image of people playing football
a collage of the ccfc community foundation brand look and feel using hand drawn elements, photography & type

Inspiring both offline and online

We placed great emphasis on ensuring that the brand could be just as impactful in the offline world as it is in the digital realm, harnessing the visual assets and design elements we meticulously crafted.

At Cardiff City FC Community Foundation, the focus has always been on empowering individuals, dedicating a significant portion of their efforts to nurturing the potential of the younger generation. It was paramount for the brand to resonate with and captivate this audience. We crafted a range of digital and print materials that harnessed the brand's vibrant energy, effectively conveying its essence across a range of touchpoints such as booklets, social media and digital resources, aimed at a diverse audience from young children to stakeholders.

the cardiff city fc community strategy document brochure on a court with a football
a large yellow wall with graphics 'achieve your full potential' in the brand style
various cardiff city fc community foundation booklets and resources
a collage of social posts using the ccfc community foundation brand
a stairwell with branded cardiff city fc community foundation graphics 'recovery session'

A platform for potential

Ensuring the accessibility of Cardiff City FC Community Foundation's services, vision, and mission was a top priority. Given the younger generation's reliance on digital platforms for learning and information, it was crucial for us to make their website the centre piece for information.

Building on the website we created in 2021, powered by Craft CMS, we incorporated the brand updates, making the website a digital portal to connect people with Foundation's shared mission with the club and our communities. This online platform not only beautifully showcases their impactful videos and heartfelt cause but also ensures a user-friendly, responsive experience for everyone who visits.

the cardiff city fc community foundation website on a mobile device, looking as it it's breaking through a goal net

Our journey continues...

We absolutely thrive on collaborating with clients who not only bring passion to their work but also fully embrace the work we craft to enhance every brand touchpoint, delivering a 360-degree experience. We anticipate an enduring partnership with Cardiff City FC Community Foundation, where we'll continue to nurture their brand and drive their mission forward.

Every company or organisation encounters fresh challenges along their path. Here at Toward, we're constantly plotting the next steps, drawing on our expertise in brand strategy and our digital prowess. We're committed to supporting organisations like Cardiff City FC Community Foundation on their journey, guiding them toward their goals.

To give a donation or get involved with CCFC Community Foundation visit their website.

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