Taking Wales to the world

Wales Week

Branding Web Design


Wales Week London is an annual showcase of activities and events that celebrate and promote everything that's great about Wales. Now in its third year, it was felt that a fresh brand direction was needed.


We evolved all aspects of the brand from the logo and design style, through to collateral and the website. Creating a brand system that was flexible enough to connect Wales Week to the world.


2.6M social reach 
locations worldwide
attendees and growing

Wales Week logo on red
A collage of wales week social assets
the abbreviated version of the wales week logo ww/ldn

The new connector icon is used throughout the brand to help establish it as the mark of Wales Week, connecting Wales Week Worldwide.

Stickers of all the wales week country badges
a map of wales week location from 2020
a woman speaking about wales week

As part of the brand evolution, we designed a new website with events at the centre. The website, which uses Craft CMS to manage the content has been designed to act as a live information source during the events, and as an archive of past events.

four mobile devices each showing different website pages from the wales week website
wales week event pages on a mobile device
ryan giggs and ian rush representing wales week
two people meeting on a street celebrating wales week in london
wales week homepage with events and lots of imagery
wales week events landing page

Bold, energetic motion graphics help promote Wales Week on social channels.

a social post letting people know wales week is coming
a social post inviting people to sign up to wales week
a collage of wales week imagery
a social post stating 'we want to make noise, as much welsh noise as possible.'
a social post inviting people to create their own wales week
a social post enticing people to get involved

Engagement is vital to the success of the Wales Week brand, so we designed resources and collateral for Welsh organisations around the world to use to show their support.

a wales week event taking place in borough market london
a bold poster advertising wales week
a wales week booklet downloadable from the online toolkit
wales week online digital brand guidelines