A safe voice against sexual harassment

VPU Wales



The Wales Violence Prevention Unit approached us to create a campaign which could better equip bystanders of sexual harassment to safely speak up if they encountered sexual harassment at night.


We helped create a bilingual identity and bold campaign that encourages bystanders to safely step into the conversation. The campaign identity and messaging focuses on giving bystanders tangible solutions.


71% visited the website after seeing the campaign
58% saw the campaign more than once
80% said they would be interested in signing up for bystander training if it were available

The english #Safetosay logo
The welsh #Safetosay logo

We wanted the audience to relate to the campaign language so we made it conversational. Using common dialogue and focusing on how we can visualise different voices (victim, perpetrator and bystander). We looked at developing a very simple and adaptable style that could work in various formats in both Welsh & English.

Pink speech bubble saying 'that's wrong stop'
Blue speech bubble saying 'Met, ti'n aflonyddu'
A orange speech bubble saying 'dude leave her alone'

We partnered with Hello Starling to help us roll out the campaign creative throughout south Wales. The eye-catching bold design and powerful copy helped give people tangible solutions to sexual harassment when out and about.

A tweet from Good Night Out Campaign showing support for #SAFETOSAY
Three posters of the #SafeToSay campaign in bright colours on the street
A #safetosay bus stop advert in welsh
Someone holding a iphone displaying a conversational social ad
3 Instagram portrait video posts with speech bubbles that show a sexually harassing conversation and someone stepping into say stop, it's not ok.

Being such a strong subject matter we felt the brand needed longevity so it could become an active voice in the future, demonstrating how the brand can adapt to tangible marketing material and assets outside of the campaign.

#Safetosay merchanside - a t shirt
A #safetosay instagram feed showing lots of colourful branded posts and campaign messages
A #safetosay bystander toolkit booklet
Three #safetoday beer mats

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