Opening doors for future generations

The Skills Centre

Branding Web Design
the skills centre branded hard hats


The Skills Centre is a specialised educational facility based in London, providing training and opportunities to help people get into the construction industry. The company needed a new brand identity to help engage a wider audience and grow the business.


We created a forward thinking brand identity built around shining light on opportunities and allowing an open door for young people to get into construction. 

The Skills Centre wanted to be seen as an "open door"—a place where everyone is welcome. We explored how this could be represented and created an 'opening' mechanism that can be represented in many different ways, which we captured in a design system using shape and movement.

The skills centre logo on orange

The new identity is designed to work across multiple sectors without losing the core brand values.

To help introduce personality and to balance the bold colour palette, we chose a typeface that is approachable and has an element of quirkiness. This also helps the brand appeal to a wider audience which is key to attracting a diverse workforce.

typographic posters using emotive skills centre messaging
A photograph of a woman who works at the skills centre
A skills centre t shirt

The Skills Centre will be setting up centres for new construction developments around the UK, so the identity needed to be flexible to brand different centres, local authorities and in cross-branded initiatives.

The entrance to the skills centre reception with branded windows
A photography on a building site showing a man with a skills centre branded helmet
Lots of different skills centre branded adverts displayed across a hoarding

A large part of the design system that we developed for the website relies on photography, because everything that they offer is people focused. By giving their web users an honest insight into the personalities and environment behind their brand we’ve essentially opened the doors online.

The skills centre homepage website design
The stories page of the skills centre website with a list of stories
The skills centre homepage displayed on both mobile and tablet
The courses and services page from the skills centre website displaying different course types
Various pages of the skills centre website on mobile devices

Young people looking for work is a key audience for The Skills Centre. So I began to explore how we could communicate the brands key messages through Instagram. The sharp, punchy and bold colours help breakthrough a timeline of content and capture a users attention.

Various social stories of the skills centre brand with different messaging and imagery, bright and vibrant
Posters with text 'your career starts with us' advertising the skills centre
A two page spread of a skills stories booklet about the staff