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A large Soracom billboard displaying text '`Your vision, our revolution'


Soracom is a leading IoT (Internet of Things) company, headquartered in Japan with offices all over the world. Its custom SIM card and data management platform allows technical innovators to connect their devices to the cloud.


We redefined the brand, repositioning Soracom as leaders in the disruptive IoT space and communicating the relationship between them and their customers.

Soracom's sim card range
A 3d render of different-sized sim cards in front of each other
Soracom brand statement 'your vision our revolution'

We looked at how we could visually explore how Soracom amplify, accelerate, maximise and grow their customer connections through their products. This turned in to the Kaleidoscope—a brand image treatment used throughout Soracom's communications.

Kaleidoscope image of light blue dots on a dark blue background
Kaleidoscope image of light blue lines on a dark teal background
Kaleidoscope image of light blue boxes on a dark grey background
A diverse range of layouts showing text, imagery and patterns

We developed a set of messages based on the relationship with each customer type, that can interchange and form the basis of a brand system based on ‘You’ the customer and ‘We’ being Soracom.

A Soracom billboard in a train station displaying a sim card and text 'You create, We connect'.
the words 'you create' on the left and 'we connect' on the right written in black text on a white background
a Soracom tote bag
A Soracom branded lanyard for SoraCON 2021

The brand system is built on turning ideas into solutions through connectivity. The brand textures and assets help communicate this through different media

Four Soracom digital posters in various colours
A large Soracom billboard with the word SIM in the patterns from a sim cards digital chipboard
A Soracom poster ad in a train station displaying a small sim card saying  'small but mighty'
A double page magazine spread showing a large kaleidoscope image with brand messaging
A double page spread talking about the SIM's benefits with large title 'YOU CREATE WE CONNECT'

The brand assets and messaging translate really well to web, allowing Soracom to visually represent different subject matters while humanising their product focused copy.

Soracom website displaying the Transportation page
A range of social posts showing different messaging and imagery for Soracom
The Soracom home page
The Soracom website homepage on an iMac
3 mobile devices showing various social story content advertising the Soracom brand

The very best in the business. The new website looks amazing, conversion rate has shot up, and to have turned it around within such a short time is nothing short of exceptional.

Jake Martin

Head of Brand, Soracom

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