A fresh look for an independent coffee roaster


Branding Web Design
Packaging design for lots of quantum beans bags


Quantum is a coffee roaster and coffee house set in the heart of Cardiff Bay. Born out of passion by its founders Dimitris and Katia they opened their doors in 2015 providing the very best in ethically farmed coffee from around the globe. A stunning interior, beautiful coffee and unfortunately, a brand that was neither.


We shaped a new brand to compliment their carefully crafted interior aesthetic. We designed an identity that adapted to packaging, exterior and interiors of their store allowing them to flourish. We also used Shopify to build them an online store with an integrated subscription service.

The Quantum logo in white

Taking cues from the carefully curated interior, we created a wordmark to work in harmony with the modern, industrial and vintage features.

the quantum logo on a disposable coffee cup
quantum coffee beans packaging design

Shopfronts need to tell a story of what to expect when you enter. We used the huge full height windows to literally tell Quantum's story—from field to cup.

the quantum shop window and side entrance with branded elements
a close up of the quantum shop window with branded illustrations across
the front entrance of the quantum shop with a large logo above the door

To help bring Quantum's awesome coffee to the masses, we used Shopify to build them an online store with an integrated subscription service.

Interior of the quantum shop, showing a fashionable clock
Quantum website homepage on mobile
lots of different colour quantum loyalty cards with stamps on them
The quantum website product page on mobile
a funky yellow chair in the interior of the quantum shop

For their coffee packaging, the colour palette was used to represent the global origins of their beans. We also took inpiration from their wallpaper, incorporating a bit of the coffee house into every bag.

lots of different packaging for the quantum coffee beans range
packaging design for the quantum tea range

We’ve also helped Quantum brand up a range of new offerings. Quantum Gravity, their coffee infused brown ale, brewed by local company Mad Dog. A smooth nitro cold brew coffee and a freshing selection of cold brew coffees and teas.

a close up of the quantum nitro product in black
a close of the quantum cold brew green tea product in raspberry pink
the quantum packaging design for their cold brew range
packaging design for the quantum gravity beer

Toward are an amazing bunch of people who are brilliant at what they do! They really understood what our company stood for and created a superb brand for us.

Katia Fotiadis

Co-founder & Director