A loud brand for an on-trend funky fashion label

Ping Pop

ping pog packaging showing lots of stickers
A Ping Pop T Shirt (black) on one of the Ping Pop pattern designs - yellow logos in a chevron pattern on a red background
A Ping Pop T Shirt Design saying Brooklyn 1969 NYC in a college style

With great onomatopoeic words like ‘ping and ‘pop’, we wanted to visually capture the way the name is spoken in a wordmark. Plenty of volume, brought to life with motion.

8 variations of the Ping Pop logo in various bright colour combinations

Ramping up the visual energy, we used the wordmark to create repeating, morphing patterns in a range of dazzling colours.

A design for one of the Ping Pop Patterns. The logo in red tessellated into chevrons on a yellow background
A design for one of the Ping Pop Patterns, the logo tessellated into a chevron pattern, teal with blue logos

Run by an honest bunch of people, we didn’t want to shy away from the nature of the business—fast fashion. Instead, we wanted to embrace it. So we created the strapline ‘Funky Fashion as it Happens’ that tells it like it is in a positive manner.

A design for the Ping Pop tag line - Funky Fashion as it Happens in white letters on Pink blocks
2 visualisations of Ping Pop T Shirts showing the wrap and swing tag designs

As the style and content of their offering changes with the winds of fashion, it was important to create a visual system that could also adapt to new trends to keep things fresh. To accompany the loud, dazzling patterns, we created stickers inspired by social media as a way to react to change and keep the brand relevant.

A collection of colourful Ping Pop stickers

Like Harry Bear, preserving and ramping up the brand experience and excitement to the doorstep—and beyond—is massively important. When a Ping Pop delivery arrives, we want the customers and their neighbours to know about it! We created an extra loud neon colour scheme for the packaging, stuffed with funky stickers sets to collect.

A gren Ping Pop delivery bag filled with colourful cartoon stickers
The colourful range Ping Pop packaging, including delivery bags and tape