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Web Design
iPad device laid on a blue rug, displaying Melin's resident information website page


Supporting customers is no easy feat, especially for a social landlord like Melin. To ease the strain on its customer support team, Melin knew it needed a website that put customers first, making it easier for them to find the help and information they needed—quickly.


Armed with invaluable insights from its customers and community groups, we reorganised the site architecture and created a clean and clear experience to help people navigate and digest content with as few hurdles as possible. Visit the new

The home page and maintenance and repairs page of the new Melin website displayed on iPads.

Melin's old website was friendly and colourful, but it didn't deliver the information their customers needed with ease. Our key focus was to cut the clutter and put the essential info front and centre, identifying the most common searches and turning them into direct links for a smooth user experience.

Home page and renting page from the old Melin website displayed on tablet devices
Woman on laptop looking at the 'apply to rent a home' page of Melin website.

Having a website with tons of content is pointless if users can't find what they're looking for. We made search a top priority and built a smarter search feature. No more sifting through endless pages - our search delivers targeted results to the key sections of the site.

It’s surprising what people can achieve with the right guidance. We wanted to make sure Melin’s customers not only had access to general information, but step-by-step maintenance guides that empower them to tackle small problems without waiting for repairs.

Website page with clear information on how to bleed a radiator is displayed on two mobile phones with a blurred image of someone bleeding a radiator.
Website page showing information on how to buy white goods on a mobile phone placed on a table
Melin website news feed displayed on a purple iMac computer

Text-heavy websites can be a maze, leaving users feeling lost and overwhelmed. To help break down the content for their customers, we introduced colour and illustrations created by Melin’s marketing team to identify key website sections making it easier for users to find their way around.

Example of how colour is used to create a visual change between different sections of the Melin website. Purple for 'Residents', green for 'Homeowners' and yellow for 'Move to Melin'.

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