Shining a spotlight on the people behind the numbers


mazuma packaging in purple


Over 13 years ago, Mazuma set out to make accountancy a hassle-free experience for small businesses. Now, with the tech-based market booming, they needed a fresh brand to stand out and reconnect with their audience.


We brought Mazuma's genuine and reassuring tone to life through a visual identity that shines a spotlight on the people behind the numbers.

Focused on language, the typeface had to hit the right tone and personality. Clear and modern, Castledown had been designed to help with dyslexia making it incredibly people-friendly—the perfect fit.

The word 'clear' is typed in white on a purple background using the Castletown font which was developed for easy reading

Inspired by the marks and notes made on paperwork, we introduced some marks of our own. These human-made scrawls were used to convey the balance between tech and real people. It also created a visual dialogue between Mazuma and their clients using colour to help identify each focus.

Written text with keywords highlighted using coloured scribbled underlines, arrows and circles
The Mazuma strapline 'Accounting that works for you' in purple with branded marks and highlights
An iPhone screen showing a tweet from Mazuma, containing with a graphic stating 'Tax Digital now live' in Mazuma branding
A printed Mazuma welcome pack discussing how the process works, with the title 'Welcome to your awesome new accountant!'
Mazuma messaging 'Don't worry, we've got this' and 'Just send us your paperwork, we'll do the rest' in purple with branded marks and highlights

To add a little quirkiness and a slight irregularity, we created a wordmark with a custom ’M' to break up the uniformity and echo the human element of the company.

The word 'Mazuma' in purple on a white background

Choosing a branding agency can be a nervy experience. You're entrusting your vision and reputation to someone else entirely and it's hard to figure out how on earth they're ever going to be able to see things like you do. But that's the magic of Toward.

Lucy Cohen


Two mobile phones showing Mazuma branded email design.
A range of stationary showing a stapler, binder, letterhead and pens all in the Mazuma branding
A Mazuma envelope in purple with the strapline 'Accounting that works for you'

We created a series of adverts highlighting their 'Don't worry, we've got this' philosophy. Simple and direct, they hero the busy folk Mazuma look after.

An advert with the text 'You do the science, we'll do the numbers' in the Mazuma branding with an image of a warehouse worker
A billboard with the text 'You do the styling, we'll do the numbers' in the Mazuma branding with an image of a salon worker

Working with Toward was such a positive experience. They absolutely understood what we were hoping to achieve and delivered way beyond our expectations. They are compassionate and professional and talented.

Lucy Cohen