A new brand for a no-nonsense vehicle leasing company


Branding Web Design
the leasewell website on desktop with large green branded background


Leasewell was created off the back of its founder’s frustration surrounding the dishonest practice within the vehicle leasing industry with a mission to lift the lid on ‘too good to be true’ offers and nasty small print.


The vehicle sales and leasing industry has a reputation for being shady and untrustworthy, with high-pressure tactics and hidden agendas. We saw an opportunity to turn that image on its head. With a bold new brand and website, we partnered with a refreshingly transparent leasing company that tells it like it is.

A leasewell poster in a train station stating that they are clear and helpful with van rental

There is a long-standing impression of vehicle sales and leasing. A distrustful one with the fear of being caught out and pressure to make a sale no matter what. We wanted to harness this perception and flip it on its head.

1980s retro car advertising stickers as brand inspiration

Referencing windscreen sale stickers synonymous with the forecourt we created a tongue-in-cheek visual style to put a positive spin on a negative association. Vehicle leasing, done the right way.

As a device to draw attention to the positive, transparent, and no bullsh*t attitude of the company, we introduced the Leasewell highlight. Its vibrant green colour and upwards angle help guide people straight to the point.

the new leasewell logo
a collage of leasewell posters showing different brand application
a square leasewell poster stating 'not catches, just leasing done right'.
a leasewell branded social post advertising a guide about milage
leasewell branded mugs

Along with the brand, we designed and built Leasewell a new website. With the main focus on their vehicle inventory and driving sales, it also had a dual purpose as a platform to provide help and advice on leasing.

the leasewell website on ipad
the leasewell website on mobile devices