A clothing brand packed with fun and adventure

Harry Bear

harry bear branded packaging design and product


Harry Bear is the off-shoot clothing company created by our lovely friends at Character.com. A hugely popular online clothing retailer, Character.com has built a company on well-known characters and decided it was time to start creating some of their own.


We wanted to create a playful brand that didn’t take itself too seriously, so we couldn’t resist giving Harry a face. The soft and flowing lines bring Harry to life, not too much detail, but enough to give him character.

a close up of the neckline harry bear logo on a t shirt
a close up of a harry bear orange t shirt with logo on sleeve

With clothing targeted at both children and adults, the brand needed to have dual appeal. For the youngsters, Harry was created—a friendly face with a touch of character. For the not so young, a clean and stylish wordmark.

harry bear logo on polar white
harry bear logo on grizzle gray
harry bear logos in different colour combos

With a product range catering for young and old, it was important that the brand appealed to them all. For toddlers, a playful, doodled on Harry, for children a bright and bold Harry and for adults, all the charm of Harry Bear reduced to a simple wordmark.

harry bear delivery boxes
adult harry bear clothing with a more mature logotype

A Harry for everyone

With products ranging from toddlers to adults, it was important for Harry to appeal to them all. So we decided to give each age group their own version of Harry.

For little kids, we adorned Harry with a variety of playful doodles from monsters and pirates to unicorns and tigers. For medium-sized kids, we created a simpler design, adding punch with a range of vibrant colours.

a harry bear kids t shirt with labels attached
a harry bear clothing tag close up
a close up of a harry bear brand logo sleeve tag
a harry bear toddler t shirt with branded label design
boys and girls harry bear t shirt side by side on blue and pink