A radical redesign for specialist fixings & hardware company

Fixing Point

Branding Web Design
A block of red colour used as a place holder for a video


From a market leading position, Fixing Point had been left behind by their competitors. Smaller players in the market had accelerated and overtaken them. The time had come for Fixing Point to once again become the market leaders. The new marketing team turned to Toward to help reinvigorate and relaunch the brand.

A binder folder branded as fixing point

The simple new logo, based on the placement of fixings in commercial applications evolved into the 'red spot' concept, which runs throughout the brand. This creates recognition, but also allows for the brand to evolve without feeling repetitive.

A mug with the Fixing Point logo on it
A hoodie with the Fixing Point logo on the front

Taking the brand to market

As part of the brand activation phase we designed the concept for an exhibition stand, which was the first sight of the new look. To help make a big statement, we commissioned the construction of a big screw. Standing at five foot high, and counterbalanced on a circular plinth to link in with the brand, it definitely stole the show!

Packaging boxes with Fixing Point branding on
Red tote bag with a white Fixing Point logo on

We supported Fixing Point by creating a range of sales collateral, packaging and marketing materials.

A booklet designed in the Fixing Point branding

Bringing products to life

To achieve the high-end, precision look we wanted to create for Fixing Point's product line, we decided to commission 3D renders, rather than relying on photography. We worked with our friends at Bomper to produce hundreds of painstakingly recreated project images.

A 3D render of a screw, showing the detail
A 3D render of a screw, showing the detail

Toward’s strategic approach to analysing Fixing Point’s business and market was first class. They have looked into the core of the business and presented us with a completely new, fresh & modern brand which will aid the development and future of Fixing Point.

Matt Vallis

Marketing Manager

A new online experience

A major part of the project is the design and development of a brand new website for Fixing Point. A key feature of the new site is a custom built product selector, which recommends the perfect products based on the customers specifications.

A desktop view of the Fixing Point website a news story
A desktop view of the Fixing Point website a way of selecting products

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