Revitalising the CV

Digital Profile

Branding Web Design
The digital profile homepage header showing an illustration of characters and large message 'take charge of your career'


Digital Profile is a platform that enables people to take charge of their career, replacing the traditional CV, providing personalised career matches and aiding professional development. They wanted to rejuvenate their brand to give their product more clout.


We helped re-energise the brand as well as designing a bold, audience focused website. We simplified their content, created a brand system inspired by their characters which would be flexible enough for future use.

Along with the team at Digital Profile, we evaluated the brand identity, website and language. We refined the identity, keeping the 'Digi' characters we developed when we first worked together. This involved new typography, a bolder colour palette and new key messaging to help better communicate what they offer.

Digital Profile logo in various colours

An important part of the brand are 'The Digis'—a set of fun characters designed to represent different types of people. To maintain balance we didn't want to overuse them so we developed a more abstract way of taking elements from the characters to use throughout the website.

Toby a character from digital profile
a rockstar character from digital profile
a friendly devil character from digital profile
the digital profile website on various mobile devices

It was important that the brand style was carried throughout the UI, so we designed bespoke Icons to give more visual context to the key features and benefits.

a digital profile landing page with a character on a iphone
digital profile icon set

One of the key challenges Digital Profile had was communicating the features in a simple, digestible format which was visually appealing. We broke down the key features and designed graphics driven by the characters to help explain them.

the homepage of the digital profile website on a iphone
a illustration showing the devil character from digital profile devil holding a UI screen
a snippet of an illustration and some text from the digital profile website
various page layouts from the digital profile website
icons and text as features from the digital profile website

Getting users to create profiles was the main objective for Digital Profile, so we made sure the website communicated clear calls-to-action across the website. We designed a new bespoke pricing page which quickly communicated all of the features and benefits the product for users.

the pricing page from the digital profile website
close ups of the digital profile pricing pages on mobile
the digital profile sign up page on mobile