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Branding Web Design
The planet logo, surrounded by brightly coloured graphic shapes depicting an explosion of energy

Brief is the UK's leading brand for children's and adult nightwear and accessories. Toward we're tasked with creating a new brand identity bursting with energy, developing a custom Shopify Plus ecommerce store and ongoing design support.


Since we started working with, the company has grown x10, becoming a leader in their market. They've won dozens of awards from the likes of Disney and has attracted major investment to fuel further growth.


392% Increase in sales since launch
 Increase in returning customers
 Increase in average order value

Evolution not revolution

We kept their logo, font, and colours, but revamped everything else. The old style didn't mesh with our new bold and bright vision. So, we cleaned up the 'C' mark, ditched the strapline, and turned up the colour volume for a fresher look.

Bringing back the character

Instead of competing for the limelight, we decided to share it. We started by creating toolkits. These toolkits were themed on their most popular characters and brand ranges, like superheroes and princesses. By creating a selection of fonts, colours and bold illustrated elements we could inject’s own personality into their marketing, complementing and enhancing, rather than fighting with already powerful brands.

Showing the brand style with graphics, typography and an image of a boy wearing a Black Panther t-shirt design assets, featuring bold, colourful graphics of leafs design assets, featuring bold, colourful graphics design assets, featuring bold, colourful graphics of space design assets, featuring bold, colourful graphics of leafs design assets, featuring bold, colourful graphics of used in sales and campaigns
T-shirt with the branding on the neck label and a branded swing tag
The graphic shapes and bold colours used on a website banner

The new-look

With a revitalised brand and an arsenal of assets, we began the transformation, bringing Character to the forefront of their communications and re-establishing their presence as one of the UK’s largest retailers of licenced clothing and accessories.

A email design displayed on a mobile phone, promoting Paw Patrol
A video instagram post showcasing offers and products using the brand assets
Black Friday promotion featuring Disney brands and graphics
Four marketing emails displayed on mobiles, promoting offers for

As has grown, so too has its relationships with leading character brands, such as Miraculous and Peppa Pig. With the new flexible and bold brand style, we created animated social campaigns to promote exclusive clothing lines. These were also used on the brands' own social accounts creating high levels of interaction results.

Video social post promoting the Miraculous range on
Video social post promoting the Peppa Pig range on

Shopify Plus Online Store

Utilising the new brand identity and toolkit, we developed a new custom theme, taking advantage of new features and developments available in Shopify.

The website design shown on a mobile phone and tablet

We took everything we had learned about how works and the specific functionality they needed and worked it into a brand new theme. We were able to use Shopify’s Sections API, giving them much more control of content, as well as helping to allow a much more interesting and varied design style.

The website design shown on a mobile phone and tablet featuring the filtering functionality

Building blocks

We built a custom, standardised component library using the new brand style, including making some blocks themeable using the brand toolkits or specific characters and brands.

A selection of component blocks used in on the website, featuring the bold, colourful graphics and product imagery

We combined the updates in Shopify technology and these components to create specific landing pages for characters and important promotions and sales. can now quickly add custom destinations for campaigns and characters.

A selection of landing pages designs featuring specific collections and product groups

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We’ve integrated Shopify’s recommendations API so that recommended products are based on actual sales information, rather than similar items. We’ve also made the add to basket/checkout flow more seamless, resulting in a higher average spend.

The store shown on a tablet showing the recommended products feature
The store shown on mobile explaining the purchasing and checkout process

Leaner, cleaner code

By focusing on what needed, we’ve managed to increase the theme’s performance, reducing the amount of first-party Javascript and CSS required, as well as being able to remove some plugins that they needed for certain functionality. We’ve also been able to simplify the code base, removing a lot of inline scripts which were required for some of the functionality.

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