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CCFC Foundation

Branding Web Design
The CCFC Foundation website on both mobile and desktop


CCFC Foundation is a community charity based in south Wales. They needed to reposition their brand and website to feel and look like a charity as they were having trouble being perceived as a commercial arm of the football club.


We worked with their team to refine their brand and website, helping better position them as a community charity. We created a new brand which focuses on them being a positive voice for the community.

The ccfc foundation logo identity

We refined the Foundation's messaging so it better explains their mission, purpose and values, as well as their services.

A hoarding showing members of the foundation with bold text 'we are your foundation'
A CCFC foundation branded football on a astroturf court

Communities is where the charity operates, so we based the essence of the brand around places—creating a visual voice that runs through neighbourhoods, guiding young people in the right direction. A voice of the Foundation.

CCFC Foundation brand assets and textures with a male
CCFC Foundation brand assets and textures with a female
A large wall showing lots of colourful posters of Foundation children with message 'a path towards a brighter future'
Three instagram posts showing how the brand can adapt in various ways using imagery and text

The flexibility of the brand allows the Foundation to look energetic and relate to their beneficiaries as well as come across as mature to funding providers and referral partners.

A billboard showing a young male with text 'tackling inequality together'
A bus stop ad with a young female with text 'empowering education'.
A billboard showing a partnership between Premier League and CCFC Foundation

We developed a unique style that could adapt to different types of content, on and off the field.

A booklet design for success stories from children and young people involved in ccfc foundation
A impact report front cover for ccfc foundation
A two page spread from the ccfc foundation impact report showing a colourful map
A football bib branded with CCFC Foundation
Two wristbands with #ourclubchangeslives supporting the initiate

We designed and built a website for the Foundation, powered by Craft CMS. The new site is designed to position their services and stories in a more more engaging way. To learn more about the website please read our blog post.

The CCFC Foundation website landing page on a large screen
The CCFC Foundation website menu on a tablet
three mobile devices showing the CCFC Foundation website pages

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