A bold new brand to match Careercake's punchy personality

Career Cake



Careercake is a on-demand video platform that helps organisations empower their staff by offering career advice, delivered in a human and engaging way. The team tasked us with creating a new, energetic brand identity and website that takes them to the next level.


The difference that confidence makes is a massive one, so we created a brand that feels as confident and empowered as Careercake makes its viewers.

We began by creating a mantra, a battle cry that embodied their mission and would form the foundation for the brand... People. Powered. Beautifully simple, it represented the people they empower and also the awesome people who power it.

3 examples of the Careercake logo's on purple, coral and mint coloured backgrounds.

Energised by this battle cry, we designed a wordmark and brand with punch. It needed to be seen as something different, something fresh and exciting.

Supported by a bright and confident colour palette, we rolled the brand across icon sets, idents and motion element for their course videos and most importantly, their website.

A variety of icons in the CareerCake branding using a variety of colours from purple, coral, mint and violet.
An example of a poster on a purple background with the heading 'get a career power up', using the CareerCake branding
Examples of CareerCake business cards containing the logo on purple, coral and mint backgrounds.
A purple tote bag containing the CareerCake logo and iconography.
An example of a poster on a purple background with the heading 'give the power back'', using the CareerCake branding

As an online content provider, the website forms the backbone of their business. Working closely with the Careercake team, we designed and developed an interface, a front-end pattern library and style guide.

Examples of the CareerCake website displaying a range of pages, shown on both mobile and desktop devices.

Before and after—Turning Careercake from run of the mill to king of the hill in an 18-second video.

The result has been awesome. We’ve now got a brand that speaks to our end user more clearly and has helped to build credibility in new sectors. This is backed up with a platform that allow us to deliver a Netflix style way of viewing and therefore has increased engagement.

Aimee Bateman

Founder & CEO