Rethinking a new commercial housing development brand


A brand new candleston home with a branded flag outside


Melin, the non-profit social housing provider, launched a commercial arm and set out to build their first affordable yet aspirational property in Abergavenny in 2018. With a focus on aspirational yet affordable properties, they needed a name and identity that was inviting and distinctly different from its social housing roots.


We took the vision that Melin's team had built through their workshops and engagement sessions and turned it into a brand that truly embodied their aspirations: Candleston. With its warm and luxurious feel, this brand became the cornerstone of its exciting new venture.

a brand new detatched candleston home
a brand new large detached candleston home
A graphic representation of a flame
the candleston logo on purple
the candleston logo on grey

To help the internal team at Candleston implement their new brand, we designed and built them custom digital brand guidelines, bringing together all the assets in an easy to access online repository.

the candleston digital brand guidelines resource with various elements from it
three large candleston branded flags
a candleston branded brochure and vehicle
a candleston hard hat
candleston brand swoosh elements on purple

Toward did a great job in understanding what we wanted to achieve with our new brand name and company ethos. They showed some great research behind their ideas which really helped us visualise where they were coming from. We were really pleased with the result, which hit all the objectives we’d set for ourselves.

Paula Kennedy

Executive Director