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A mock up of a billboard advert with the Affinity branding and the message 'Expertly engineered. Together.'


Affinity are a fire engineering company with offices based in UK, Australia and Ireland. They approached Toward to evolve their brand, transforming their identity to champion their expertise and grow customer connections.


We designed a brand and website that focuses on the forces of Affinity, a clean design system that communicates their expertise, connects their people and represents unified solutions through their affinity with each other. The brand identity system formed a solid messaging and visual approach which modernised their identity.

Affinity needed a re-haul, their previous identity lacked versatility, flexibility and didn't frame them as the experts they are. So we re-drew their logo, refined their palette to give them a clean cutting edge look.

affinity business cards
A young engineer wearing an affinity branded hard hat

We introduced Sharp Type's Beatrice. Their brand language needed to feel technical as well as personable, It was essential we kept a balance of contemporary and functional, Beatrice felt like the right fit. 

The forces of Affinity

We developed a brand idea based on their name. The idea grew from the meaning of 'Affinity'—a natural liking for and understanding of someone or something. This formed a design system inspired by the magnetic forces of attract and repel. The idea of pushing, protecting buildings through great engineering and pulling—attracting talent and expertise to get the job done. We developed angular brand textures inspired by the arcs of their logo which were used to communicate the brand.

a collage of brand elements for affinity, including type, colour and imagery

We developed brand messaging that fused together our idea of togetherness, creating brand statements that are adaptable to their services and audience needs. Reinforcing the idea of affinity.

a large billboard showing brand messaging and brand illustration
orange affinity signage
Mock up of Affinity posters
Affinity new starter booklet
a large poster billboard, showing affinity branded imagery

Together, the refined brand helped transform Affinity into a leading force in the fire engineering sector. Using clean layouts and utlising the bold, punchy brand imagery helped elevate the Affinity brand through print and digital media.

examples of the affinity brand on social stories
affinity wayfinding sign
an affinity branded letterhead
an affinity branded two page spread
affinity branded powerpoint slides in various colours
affinity branded office wall with large logo shape

We built Affinity a custom website which gave their audience a clear snapshot of their services, culture and company. The brand textures combined with clear positioning of copy helped the website design feel ownable, professional and user friendly.

affinity homepage on a macbook pro
affinity website on a macbook pro
affinity website on a iphone

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