Bringing a slice of high-end London dining to Cardiff


Branding Web Design
Poster advertising A&M on a subway station platform


With a vision to provide a slice of London’s exceptional all-day dining and drinking scene to Cardiff, A&M Hospitality Group needed a visual identity to set the standard as the hallmark of excellence and quality for a holistic hospitality experience like no other.


Embodying elegance and stirring curiosity, the brand emulates the shifting mood from day to night and sets the tone for the unforgettable experiences crafted for their guests.

A&M logo on a door sign
stack of A&M business cards

We wanted to create a literal hallmark for A&M. A mark that would signify and exude the excellence and high standards they would demand of their venues. An identity that would flow and adapt with grace.

mockup of Instagram story design

With the vision to create all-day dining and drinking venues that ebb and flow, switching moods and offerings, we created a shifting colour scheme. A visual representation of light and mood as day turns to night.

Mockup of billboard advert showing breakfast and dinner dishes
a plate of food on a table
An example of the A&M website on a mobile phone
Examples of the A&M website

We continued this sense of transition into their brand imagery. We created a mechanism to capture a slice of elegance, a shift of light and mood and their drive to continually improve and indulge its customers. 

A&M Employee handbook