JayJays Reviewed by Brand New

By Tom,

June 2023


Our brand work has been reviewed by Under Consideration's Brand New.

As a design team we spend a lot of time reading the leading industry publications, looking for insight and inspiration. So we were delighted to be contacted by Armin from one of the leaders — Brand New. We've spent many hours reading the posts and reviews on the site, so it's a pleasure seeing our work for JayJays featured.

Screenshot of the Brand New website featuring JayJays

In the Review, founder Armin said:

Overall, a simple, solid, and confident identity that helps establish JayJays as a leader in its category and retains a sense of expertise that should be reassuring for the military contracts while also having some serious consumer appeal for civilians.

Head on over to Brand New to read the full review. If you love reading about branding, it's well worth the small subscription.

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