A brand that takes people beyond


An outdoor billboard showing a range of Yondur branded posters, some typographic some using imagery of people


Yondur is a web based self discovery tool used to help people find themselves and the right career path. They needed a brand that championed their career discovery technology through an emotive people-first brand experience.


We created a brand that represented multiple possibilities. The new identity modernises their platform and helps represent a person's journey discovered through the Yondur platform.

Yondur logo identity in orange

The brand system was based on street artist HazardOne who created the mural in their office. Bright, vibrant, textured — depicting the ever changing world and lives of our customers.

Different colourful brand patterns created as background textures
An ambient outdoor brand mural displaying text 'Your Beyond'
a collage of the Yondur brand showcasing colours, typography and image styles with various colours and textures inspired by street art
An image of a young man with the Yondur brand treatment
A close-up of the top-left corner of an iPhone. On the screen, an app titled "Yondur" is the first one on display.

The identity was inspired by Neurogenesis, the idea of the possibility of multiple futures discovered through Yondur.

Two cans of IPA branded in Yondur visual style
A bright Yondur branded ambient billboard saying 'Your story starts with us'

The voice of Yondur needed to feel reassuring and helpful, so we created messaging inspired by a positive subconscious voice in people’s heads as an entry point into their platform and brand.

Three mobile design screens of the Yondur app prototype
three social posts talking about Yondur content
the Yondur homepage showing a login screen and lots of vibrant brand images
a yondur branded totebag
A pack of stickers featuring the Yondur icon
A booklet design with a brand image of a woman 'a yondurer' in purple tones with some descriptive text about the app
A flat capped hat featuring in the Yondur brand
An outdoor ad showing the Yondur platform off on two iPhone devices

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