A cool rebrand for a proptech startup


Branding Web Design


Koherent wanted to shake up the lettings industry with their new software that helps estate agents manage property maintenance. The trouble was that they had a name and visual direction that just blended in with the competition, making it difficult for them to stand out and be noticed.


Firstly, we recommended a name change. They needed something with more personality, more scope and better brand appeal... enter ‘Sorbet’. We developed an entirely new brand style including bespoke illustrations and icons, along with the design and build of their initial marketing site.

icon design for sobet app
a colourful illustration of sorbet design style including houses and a lake
the sorbet website homepage design including lots of colourful illustrations

Once Sorbet had gathered traction in the marketplace, they asked us to design and build the front end of their full website. This was then handed over to their developer team so they could build the back end and integrate into their own systems.

a sorbet style illustration of two devices connecting
a sortbet printed catalogue with lots of illustrations and information
a sorbet icecream tub design
the sorbet website pricing page with lots of illustrations around the centre

The change of name and brand identity has had a huge impact on the Sorbet team. It's formed the basis of an internal culture that the old look and feel couldn't inspire. External feedback has also been excellent, with positive reactions from both investors and the target market.

Check out the Sorbet project in 60 seconds flat.

The attention to detail in both design work and coding is second to none. The entire Toward team is amazing and I would—and do, highly recommend them to everyone that I meet.

Brooke Williams