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Branding Web Design
Premiership Ltd website homepage on a macbook


Premiership Ltd approached us to reposition their brand and website so their services were at the forefront of what they do, instilling their confident tone and premium services with a new identity would help take them to the next level.


We redesigned their identity and brand system to position them as leading agents in the shipping industry, proud to be premier.

Premiership logo on pink

The brand icon represents the masthead of a ship, being a forward thinking brand that leads the way.

The typeface used for Premiership - TT Firs.
A man holding a iPhone with the premiership app icon
Lots of different colour premiership business cards
A shipping container with the premiership logo

We developed a brand system inspired by shipping routes found across the globe. The design system works in different formations and patterns which helps communicate Premierships services.

Triangular patterns used throughout the brand
A large hoarding billboard saying 'keeping the world moving' with lots of pink triangles resembling ships.
A billboard saying 'your premier shipping partner'
A digital poster in an underground tube station saying 'tracking routes & schedules, we've got it covered'.

The brand language and design system is adaptable to work with different media without losing it's connection to the identity.

Premiership social posts showing different brand messages
Billboard poster inviting people to 'join the fleet'.
Two social story examples using infographics

The websites grid layout was inspired by cargo storage, we built a system using different grid lines which allowed components to fit together nicely throughout the site.

A collage of screens from the premiership website
An image of a large vessel at sea
Two mobile screens showing the premiership website.
Screens on mobile devices of the rate request user interface
Track a shipment page on ipad
A selected ships route mapped out

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