Defining the future for the Cardiff City FC brand

Cardiff City FC



As part of an ongoing relationship with CCFC we were tasked with many design challenges such as kit launches, season ticket campaigns, general promotions and branded material around the club. Our aim was to refine and realign their brand so it's built for the future.


We developed CCFC's brand assets, typeface, colour palette, art direction and design style to be flexible enough to work across all touch points of the club. Our vision was to create a modern football club which can communicate to the new and old fans simultaneously.  

We developed the CCFC brand to fit with the modern landscape of football - adding a new typeface, refined colour palette and rethought branddirection. We built them a digital brand resource which aligned their brand identity so it's used in a much more consistent way.

CCFC Font Hudson Serif
CCFC Font hudson sans
'we come from sloper road' chant on textured ccfc background
type and icon exploration of ccfc brand
CCFC crest zoomed in, showing different colours of the crest
CCFC brand guidelines homepage showing various brand elements
Information on how to use typography when using the ccfc brand

It was important we captured the image of the club in everything we do. The experience of CCFC was a key aspect of the brand and imagery was the best way to portray the atmosphere. We captured and curated video and image content to help re-energise and represent a modern Cardiff City FC.

A collage of imagery representing ccfc fans
A photograph of the stadium focusing on a zoom in on a blue chair
a photograph of ccfc concourses inside the stadium
a photography of steps entering the stadium with sun shining through
a close up of one of the steps in the stadium with the letter C
a shot of the red and blue stands inside the stadium

We developed a bold, high impact design style that added a boost of movement and energy. Imagery, texture, graphics and motion, combined with the typography brought the brand to life.

cardiff city fc chant 'cmon city' on textured background
ccfc canton stand typography
ccfc player cutouts and typeographic style
A collage of lots of different treatments of the brand across different social posts for various promotions and campaigns
2021 season ticket campaign billboard with player raising arms
2022 ccfc ticket campaign social posts

The brand update was rolled out across the club bringing their website, stadium attire, advertisements and tickets all into a consistent brand journey.

Fans in a stadium waving a large ccfc flat with displaying 'c'mon city'
CCFC branded posters shown on walls of the concourse
ccfc season ticket cards
A range of posters showing different ccfc brand executions with imagery, patterns and type
The ccfc website on tablet

We helped roll out the brand into all areas of the club including the Bluebirds Experiences - a range of unique Cardiff City inspired experiences for children, young people and families.

Three posters advertising CCFC's commercial offering 'bluebirds experiences'

We created a sub identity which helped package up the Cardiff City FC premium offering. Utilising the Bluebird as an icon of elegance and bringing it a palette that help differentiate the value of the offering without feeling distant from the core brand.

Type treatment of the ccfc hospitality sub brand
the ccfc hospitality brand identity - a bluebird in a circle
A close up of a user looking at the ccfc hospitality website on her mobile device

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