Dramatic website redesign for SPS Envirowall

By Tom,

August 2015

We helped exterior wall insulation specialists SPSenvirowall relaunch their website with a vibrant new look.

SPSenvirowall is a leading supplier and installer of innovative exterior wall insulation products. These products are applied to the outside of a building, often houses to add a new ‘skin’—enhancing the aesthetics and improving energy efficiency.

Example of SPSenvirowall's exterior insulation

The existing website and marketing materials lacked the innovation to match the products, so they asked us to help. We worked with the team to create a new visual style and relaunch the website.

Photographs from the website workshop


The first phase of the project was discovery. We ran a website workshop with the marketing team to help define their audiences and their needs, the technical requirements and measures of success. Based on the results of the workshop, we helped the team audit their content and develop a new site structure.

A scene from the website featuring an illustration


SPS had experimented with using illustration in some of their previous marketing and the team was keen to continue in this direction. We loved this idea. The company’s offering is quite restrictive when it comes to creativity, so using illustration opened up a lot of options. We decided that we would create ‘scenes’ made up of the types of buildings SPS apply their product to.

Example of illustrations for the website

Inspired by the logo

The existing identity was to be retained, so we were keen to develop an illustration style that would compliment it, whilst standing on its own. We started creating illustrated elements that echoed the shapes and angles from the icon which inspired the rest of the scene illustrations.

Visual direction

With an illustration style taking shape, we moved on to developing the overall design direction for the site. Using the insights from the discovery workshop we identified the key content and created a design that made it easily accessible.

Illustrations of people who work at SPS

When it came of including pictures of the team we thought it would be great to create illustrations rather than using photography. Armed with mug shots of around 50 members of the team we developed a set of bright and quirky images that are full of personality.

Screen shots of the new SPS website

Creating an innovative and engaging website to showcase an apparently dry subject matter is a real challenge. Fortunately we love a good challenge! By introducing distinctive illustrations, modernising the site architecture and focusing on the key audiences we’ve created a website that jumps out from the competition and helps SPSEvirowall set themselves apart. Take a look for yourself, visit the new website.