Check Craft CMS media usage with our Asset Locations Plugin

By Charlie,

September 2023

Web Dev

Today we launched Asset Locations for Craft CMS 4, which has been in development for the last few weeks.

When building larger Craft CMS websites, clients often need to see whether an asset is being used in a field, and where an asset is used. There wasn’t any way to do this with Craft CMS out of the box or with a plugin. So we built one!

What does it do?

When editing an asset volume’s field layout, you can add a new native field called Asset Locations

Field Layout for Volumes in Craft CMS 4

You can add this to any asset volume. Then, when viewing the asset in the CMS, you’ll be able to see where the asset is used across your website.

New Location Field within the Asset CMS

There is also a new custom source available, within assets, called In Use?. You can add this to any volume which will let you know if the asset is being used or not*.

New Column in Assets showing whether the asset is in use or not

*Small caveat. Due to how some plugins save their data, we can’t ever be 100% sure an asset isn’t being used. So it’s advised to be completely sure before removing. 

Wrap Up

Asset Locations is available today for Craft CMS 4 for Free.

Let us know what you think of Asset Locations, and any suggestions you think could help improve it.

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