Whilst Rob's away… We doodle and play 'Mug Shots'

By Toward,

March 2011


Doodles of the Oscars winners and losers

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Rob has been in LA this week. Last year he was lucky enough to win tickets for the viewing area at the 2011 Oscars – a real once in a lifetime opportunity. To celebrate this we updated our Doodles section with some new doodles of some of the Oscar winners and losers.

Our doodles have become a really popular area of our website and people seem to love it when we add new ones. It all started a couple of years ago when we began doing little doodle contests for the team. Basically we would all have 30 seconds to a minute to draw a celebrity. It was a great way to give us a rest from the screens we stare at all day, and a new way to explore our creativity – plus it's a good laugh when we do the big reveal!

One day we had a few clients over for coffee and they spotted a big pile of doodles. After watching them giggle their way through the whole pile we thought it would be good to put them out there for the world to see! We've also just added a new section from the Brit Awards 2011 so make sure you check them out >

We also had a bit of a mischievous week, much to Rob's dismay. You see, Rob loves spreadsheets, and we mean LOVES. So much so that he bought his very own mug which quite clearly proves this fact. Over the last few months, he's become very attached to this mug so we thought only fair to teach him a lesson for ditching us for the glitz and glam of the red carpet.

For the last five days we've been tweeting Rob pictures of his beloved mug in various precarious scenarios…

The team taunting Rob from afar

We're not sure we should quote any of his replies!