We've been shortlisted for a Canmol Award!

By Toward,

September 2012


Canmol: Wales Marketing Awards

We don't design for awards. We design for our clients and their audiences, crafting good user experiences and materials brimming with personality.

Every now and again though we like to shout about our work – if we can't blow our own trumpets, who will? We have been especially proud of our involvement with two unique networking clubs, Woko Woco and Fiftyone3.

From design, through to marketing and sponsorship, we have worked with partners over the last year to create two very different networks targeted at different segments. Since we designed the branding and websites they have both experienced growth in terms of membership, event attendance and interaction with social media, which was an integral part of the strategy,

We entered our work on these projects into the Canmol Awards – Wales Marketing Awards from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Wales. A couple of weeks ago we were told of the exciting news that we have been shortlisted. Last week we were filmed for a video to be shown on the night of the ceremony which is later next month.

It would be an amazing result if we won, but if we don't, being shortlisted is a pretty big deal and is reward enough. It is great publicity for us and the clubs, and as we mentioned, we don't design for awards but any recognition is always nice to have.

Will we have to find our Morph and He-Man figures a new spot in the studio instead of the mantlepiece? Who knows, we'll let you know either way after October 5th!