We made a thing – Is It Vatable?

By Toward,

January 2013


Is it vatable – a tool by Toward

People come to us for ideas. They need solutions and creativity and we like to think we provide both in abundance. Sometimes we have ideas for ourselves too but as is always the case, any internal projects play second fiddle to client work.

Well we want to do something about that in 2013. Our clients are still top priority, always will be, but we are going to make more of an effort to work on turning our ideas into 'things' this year by treating them like normal projects. So they will be planned, scheduled and allocated deadlines.

It seems to be working barely a week into the new year as we have finished our first one. We work on a lot of print projects, managing production of these items for client and ensuring they are delivered on time.

Every now and again we hit a wall when we are reminded that some print items in the UK are vatable and others aren't. Cue head scratching. So we have made ourselves a handy little tool called, wait for it, Is It Vatable?

Is it vatable – a tool by Toward

It's a simple, online tool where you pop in the item and it will tell you if it needs to have VAT applied or not. We're going to use it as and when we need to and maybe other agencies and freelancers will find it handy too. Perhaps printers can refer clients to it as well. But ultimately, we made it for us as it is a chance to keep learning new things and experiment.

So what's next? Well we have some other ideas that we're going to be rolling out soon, some big, some small, some for us, some for others.

If you do use Is It Vatable and have any feedback please get in touch, follow the Twitter account @isitvatable or leave a comment!