Brief: A digital experience to help save the world

By Tom,

October 2019

This post is our brief to the wonderful folks in their 3rd year studying Graphic Communication at USW. If that's you, let's get to it.


Climate change is the greatest threat to our planet. We are at the tipping point where changes in societal behaviour can literally help save our world. The human race has the unique opportunity to work together, and individually to make a difference.

The problem

Even though the public is aware of how much of a threat climate change is, many are unsure of how they can help by making changes to the way they live and behave. There is a misunderstanding that only massive change by governments and large corporations can solve the problem. We need you to help society understand how everyone can help.

Your challenge

Design a digital experience that:

  1. Helps explain the responsibility society has in tackling climate change
  2. Provides practical advice and information that influences people to change their behaviour
  3. Is sharable and makes a long-lasting impression on people

The deliverable

The term ‘digital experience’ is deliberately vague and open to interpretation. It could be a one-off physical experience using digital technologies that has a lasting impact. Or an ongoing experience that educates over time via a digital device. Be bold and use your imagination. There’s only one rule: There must be no waste. Nothing that will end up in a recycling centre or worse, landfill.

We are not looking for a finished piece. The strategy, concept and design thinking are most important. You should demonstrate how your digital experience will result in permanent behaviour change.

Some ways you could explain your idea:

  • Write it down
  • Sketches and illustrations
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Moodboards
  • UI examples
  • Video/motion

The audience and tone

The experience should be designed to be universally accessible but with a specific focus on everyone aged between 18-30.

Even though climate change is a serious subject, tackling it can be treated in a positive and engaging way. The digital experience should be fun, immersive, delightful and exciting, as long as it succeeds in answering the brief.

Good luck, go wild.


It goes without saying, please don't print this 🌍