Toward wins best packaging design award!

By Toward,

November 2010


Toward are proud to announce that we have won the Cardiff Design Festival award for best packaging design for our work on Subzero Ice Cream.

Back in September we submitted our design work for the Welsh ice cream makers (formally Mr Creemy) for inclusion in the biggest design awards in Wales. On the 15th of October our Creative Director Tom, along with Paul, Liam, Gareth and Annemarie attended the 'Shine a Light' awards party, with aspirations of food and much wine! We had the pleasure of sharing our table with some lovely and very loud people from the BBC who promised to support us during the evening.

Glenn Tutssel, Creative Director of world renowned agency Brand Union, who was one of the judges took to the stage to announce the winners, and when the nominations for our category were announced (food and drink packaging design) there was much loud whooping and hollering from our new friends. With the words "Thank god, we would have got lynched" Glenn announced that the winners were Toward!

What a great feeling, made even better by the torrent of noise reverberating from our table. We're really proud to have won. We were up against some stiff competition and the quality of the judging panel was world class. Thanks to everyone who supported us on the online poll and to the Cardiff Design Festival for a great night. Take a look at the Subzero Ice Cream project here ›