Toward rebrand featured in Creative Boom

By Tom,

March 2023


Leading online design magazine Creative Boom covered our recent rebrand with a quick Q&A about the thinking behind the change.

Excerpt from the article:

Created 21 years ago by Tom Lloyd and Mike Jordan when they left university, the design agency formerly known as Bluegg has worked for over 300 clients in its time. These include Cardiff City Football Club, Bristol Zoo and Celtic Manor, to name a few. But with two decades under its belt, the founders decided it was time to turn their carefully-crafted branding skills on themselves.

"The old name was a signpost to those younger days – fresh, innocent, youthful, a bit of fun with a touch of irreverence," the pair tell Creative Boom. "Wind forward two decades, and we're a completely different company, with varying types of clients, looking for bigger and better projects.

"The story of our name no longer fitted our ambitions or attitude. Every conversation started with us looking back at our origins. Now we can start them by looking forward to the future."

A billboard design for A&M

In this spirit of growth and evolution, the creative duo settled on the name Toward because it looks to the future rather than telling a story from the past. "We thought a lot about what we do and why," they reveal. "Essentially, we help businesses prepare for what's next – whether growth, acquisition, to challenge a market or to engage a new audience.

We wanted to show that our work doesn't necessarily have an endpoint. It's always working toward the next goal – a journey with direction, without end.

Tom Lloyd

Thanks to Creative Boom for featuring us, read the full article here.

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