Toward launches a website for professional mums

By Toward,

September 2012


It's always fun and rewarding to see how clients and their businesses progress and evolve. We started working with Amanda Bolt in 2010 on her personal investor relations branding and website and then on a blog called BoardroomMum. This year Amanda decided to turn the blog into a fully fledged website. Here's the story.

New BoardroomMum homepage

BoardroomMum was a blog for professional women and the organisations they work for who want to develop female talent. It was a platform for Amanda to write about the many issues of mixing business with motherhood, offering advice to women on getting back on the corporate ladder after having a family and helping women kick start young businesses.

Amanda soon realised that there was a lot more to say and a wide audience to talk to, so she asked us to help take the site to the next stage. We kept the simple brand identity we'd designed for the blog, and the Wordpress backend, but introduced a more refined design style, better typography and a new complimentary colour palette. Additions in this phase include a book club, interviews, an events section and a concierge section as well as improvements to the blog.

The Boardroom Mum Book Club

One of the most important and unique parts of the new site is something called the Gender Diversity Statistics. This is a league table of over 1,800 businesses on the FTSE100, FTSE250 and AIM indexes. We developed a custom method of managing the data on a daily basis.

The UK PLC Gender Diversity Statistics The UK PLC Gender Diversity Statistics contains data about how many women feature on company boards

There are big plans ahead for BoardroomMum and we are pleased to be part of the journey from the start. Amanda is pleased too and said "Toward have done a fantastic job at understanding the brief, taking the concept of BoardroomMum and turning all of that into a professional and well designed website and other marketing material. I am very happy with the finished product."

You can take a look at the new site at and please let us know what you think in the comments.