Toward creates new logo and website for

By Toward,

February 2011


One of the best things about offering the services we do is that we get to work with a range of clients. This means we often learn about new sectors and industries, and this was the case with a recent project we finished this week for a company called Ezeecom and their product, The Dialler, software for call centres to help manage their leads. website design

This was a pretty straight forward project, consisting of two logos, one for Ezeecom, the parent company, one for The Dialler, and a website. The main focus at the start of the project was the logo for The Dialler. As the system is web based we advised that the brand mark be - this way the web address is always being promoted. We developed an iconic mark which represents the keypad on a phone and an abstract globe - linking to the service they offer and a potential worldwide audience. icon design

The website itself will be used as an information tool and means of getting prospective customers to make contact. The focus is on the features of The Dialler with call to actions throughout the site making it easy for users to find the information they need and reach the people who can get them started. We also created a set of icons to help explain the process of using the system in an easy to understand way. website design detail

Visit the website at