Toward a new Frontier

By Mike,

June 2023


We are delighted to share that Frontier Medical Group has begun a multi-year, strategic branding and digital project with Toward.

This exciting project aims to propel the growth of Frontier Medical Group’s brands and websites, bolstering their market share and increasing brand awareness.

The strategic partnership between Toward and Frontier Medical Group will leverage our collective expertise to drive transformative changes in their branding and digital strategies in the UK, EU and US. Serena Riches, Director of Marketing (UK & International) at Frontier Medical Group said;

We are thrilled to have partnered with Toward to help deliver on our brand strategy. We see this as a collaboration between two successful Welsh businesses that will have an impact both here in the UK and globally with exciting things planned for later this year.

Serena Riches

Through this collaboration, Toward and partners will work together to develop and elevate the Frontier Medical Group brands and websites to new heights. By leveraging our expertise in brand strategy, design, technology, and digital marketing, we aim to capture the attention and loyalty of a wider audience, ultimately increasing sales and brand value internationally.

"With a long history in creating exciting and eye-catching brands, we were impressed with Toward’s strategic approach and their phased delivery plan which matched our long-term vision. We feel that they are very much an extension of our team as we work towards achieving our growth objectives."

This project signifies our dedication to innovation, growth, and global success. We can’t wait to share updates on the exciting plans and developments that lie ahead. 

Mike Jordan, Managing Director at Toward gives his view on the partnership — "It’s a huge honour to be partnering with the team at Frontier Medical. Their ambition is wholly symbolic of just how Toward is helping businesses and how strategic, creative and digital services will drive them on. Even at this early stage, we can already see the possibilities, which I’m sure that with our continued collective efforts, will bear fruit as the project progresses."