Tom pops up in .net magazine!

By Toward,

June 2011


Tom pops up in .net magazine

It's always a good day when we hear the thud of .net magazine dropping through our letterbox on delivery day. The unusual image of the web team jumping over the desks and scrambling to the door to read the latest in geek speak is one that entertains the rest of the team no-end. After all it is 'The world's best selling magazine for web designers'!

So it was with much delight that our very own Creative Director Tom Lloyd, is featured in the latest issue!

Each month three leading web designers take on the challenge of the 'website build-off'. Each designer receives the same brief and they have to create a homepage in response to this, highlighting key content and areas of their design. Tom's challenge was to create a website for a health issue of his choice. He opted for Bipolar.

Tom's entry into the .net build off

Last Friday the latest issue landed on the studio mat and we couldn't wait to see Tom's design in print and also the designs offered by the other build off contestants. It didn't disappoint! Tom's design looked great and the whole team are super proud to see his work featured in the magazine. As we're subscribers we get the issue a few days earlier than the newsagents so be sure to grab a copy when it comes out tomorrow (Tuesday 21st June! Issue 217)

We've known for ages that Tom is a talented chap and now we finally get to show everyone else what he's made of too. Nice work Tom!

Take a look at the .net website -