The rather convoluted journey to Honey Fizz

By Tom,

September 2012

Aesthetics Academy Plus approached us for a new website. Six months later they had a new name, brand identity and site. Here's how...
The new honey fizz logo

During our research into the competitive landscape of non-surgical cosmetics training, we discovered a number of company's with similar names. We drew the conclusion that the name was just too generic to make any sort of dramatic impact on the sector. The team at Aesthetics Academy Plus agreed, so we embarked on a naming project.

As we started our naming work, more and more excitement grew about the opportunity to really shake things up. Chantelle, who was leading the client team felt the same and began pushing us to come up with something really original.

We presented a few initial options to test the water, and surprisingly Chantelle's feedback was 'go crazy! If we're going to do this, we should go all out!'. Challenge accepted.

Brainstorming changed course to snakes, fruit, plants, sculpture and other random directions. We looked at language, dialects and historical figures. This research ended up with us looking at rhyming cockney slang. Specifically the translation of 'face', which is of course 'boat race'.

Research into famous boats got underway, which is how we discovered that former President John F. Kennedy once famously owned a boat called Honey Fitz. Some creative licence was applied and Honey Fizz was born! Now, the company does anything but blend in with the competition. The resulting brand, colour scheme and design style, all inspired by the name, has given Honey Fizz a platform to create real impact.

See, we told you it was convoluted :)

If you want us to 'go crazy' with your naming project, get in touch.