Super cool rebrand for Forte's Ice Cream

By Toward,

August 2011


Forte's Ice Cream rebrand

A while ago we were approached by north Wales based Forte's Ice Cream to help them create a new brand and to modernise an ageing design style. It's taken a while to get it all done but this week we finally launched their small website, so we thought it was high time we showed it off to the world!

Ice Cream Packaging for Forte's Old and new ice cream pot packaging design

The story of Forte's Ice Cream starts off in 1926 deep in the mountains between Rome and Naples and leads all the way to north Wales where they now reside. Passed down through the generations, the company has become locally renowned for producing seriously-tasty-multi-award-winning ice cream and sorbets.

New range of pot designs for forte's

We developed a new identity which wasn't ultra modern or high tech, but added a freshness and renewed a traditional brand. This new identity was the starting point for the new pot design, which did away with the overcrowded and confused look of the old pot and added a burst of colour using photography and personality through the new tone of voice. This tone of voice was a key part of sharing the Forte's story, it had to be friendly, punchy and engaging.

Forte's branding and tone of voice We helped Forte's develop a tone of voice too

The initial branding and packaging project was done a while ago, but we've only recently been working on the simple, but still lovely website.

New website for Forte's Ice Cream

Key to the success of the website was to show the history and heritage of the company as well as their renewed brand and vision - and all the delicious ice cream of course. Using a mix of some classic old pictures of the founding family, mixed with a clean and uncluttered design we made sure the website was a nostalgic reflection as well as a look into the future.

New website for Forte's Ice Cream

Be sure to check out the website and if you're in the north Wales area, make sure you pop into Forte's Restaurant and sample some of the best ice cream around. We can highly recommend the Pistachio. And the Rum and Raisin. Oh and don't forget the Rocky Road. And the Mochachino. But we can't leave out Lemon & Lime Cheesecake. And last but not least Honeycomb Vanilla. And Rhubarb & Custard. You get the idea!