Stuff we like - Pica Pic Retro Gaming!

By Toward,

August 2011


Stuff We Like - Toward

We all like to reminisce and indulge in some nostalgia from time to time. I'm sure we've all had conversations along the lines of 'they don’t make kids programmes like they used to' - remember Thundercats, Trap Door and Captain Planet! And my favourite chat about penny mixes and what are now known as 'retro sweets'.

Well this week I was reminded of another blast from the past and it is just too awesome not to share. Pica Pic is a website that allows you to play old hand-held electronic games online. Yep, you read that right and don't look at the site unless you have time to spare because it is addictive!

Donkey Kong Jr

These hand-held games were around long before online game play, motion sensor controls and Guitar Hero! They are pretty simple compared to today's standards but, for me, that is the appeal. They also have brilliant names like Fishing Boy, Octopus, Plane and Tank and my personal fave Thief in Garden!

Retro Games from Pica Pic

The classic design of some of these games stands up on it's own as being truly retro which is where their charm is, but I really like the way that Pica Pic have presented them, on a simple, white background. It really makes you focus on the game itself, with the minimum of distraction.

Retro Games from Pica Pic

Retro Games from Pica Pic

If you visit you can see all the hand-held games at the bottom, simply click on one and play it online there and then. Brilliant idea and a lovely trip down memory lane. What was your favourite childhood retro game? Let us know in the comments section below!