Signing off for 2019...

By Mike,

December 2019

So.. it turns out that NOT making a Christmas video, is the new Christmas Video!

That’s right, after over a decade of putting ourselves under a ton of pressure to out-do ourselves from the previous year, we collectively made a call in the autumn to give this year a break (although you can relive the historic past videos here).

It was a good decision because it turns out that we had the busiest last quarter in history.

That said, I’d still like to throw out an apology to the adoring fans who messaged us saying “When are we seeing the Toward video? It’s not Christmas without it!” Don’t be too disheartened people, it will return, I promise.

So onto my review of 2019…

It was a bit of a roller coaster to be honest. I sense that politics played its part and Brexit fears made life difficult for us but we kept pushing and delivering bucket fulls of creativity.

We launched several strong brands that we’re super proud of which all seem to be having a massive impact on the businesses they represent. We’d like to thank Absolute Performance, Mazuma, The Skills Centre, Llanerch, Ping Pop, Digital Profile and more for trusting us to transform them.

Our web team has been working double time on all of the new builds and continuous improvements to existing sites.

The launch of Wales Week 2020 has given us something to think about. It’s now grown to become a worldwide initiative and has needed a lot of strategic thinking about the treatment of their comms.

We’ve had to wave goodbye to Pete, Jack and Naima this year. You guys will always be a part of our team and welcome here anytime. But we’ve also had the fortunate pleasure of welcoming Megan who we’ve not formally introduced but is an awesome and already established member of the team.

I sense that 2020 is going to be a bumper year. We’ve managed to attract some fantastic projects that are all due to launch in Q1 which we can’t wait to share. We’ve another new Toward team member starting in Jan and we're hoping to launch a programme that will see more engagement with Universities and students.

2020 will see our 18th Anniversary. 18 years of doing what we love to the best of our ability. It’s been a journey that I could never have dreamt up when I first called Tom and said “shall we set up a business!?”

So I’m left to say thank you to all of our fabulous clients who trust and value our expertise. And thanks to our network of contacts who always recommend us for ace projects. But special thanks to our team who work tirelessly, making my job very easy.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year, Mike and Tom.