Sending the right signal with a disruptive brand

By Pete,

July 2017

We just renamed and rebranded Euro Commercial Vehicle Hire to Signal. Here's the full story...
Signal Branding

ECVH approached us to help build a website for their new company, aimed at leasing commercial vehicles to large organisations and bluechips (think local authorities and nationwide delivery networks).

From our discovery workshop it soon became clear that they didn’t want this to be just another vehicle hire company in a saturated market—they wanted to dominate and disrupt the industry, so needed a visionary new brand to achieve this.

Competitor Logos

Looking at their competitors, we realised there was huge potential for an ambitious new company to make its mark. So, we set about changing the name, brand identity and market positioning, before tackling the website.

Finding the name

Naming is a funny thing. Sometimes coming up with the perfect name takes an hour. Sometimes a couple of days. Sometimes longer. Sometimes we do it alone, and sometimes alongside a client. Coming up with a name for the new company was a real joint effort. We facilitated and brought our own ideas, but it was actually one of the client team who put the name forward. Signal.

We think it’s great. It’s short and sweet. It asks questions and prompts intrigue. It conveys communication and the concept of being a company that stands out. And it’s a name that we felt could be the basis of a great brand story. Which is what we did next...

Forms of communication

Sending out the right signal

We wanted to create a brand style that was adaptable, bold and told a story. While investigating types of signals we looked into morse code. We liked the idea that it was a way of sending messages secretly and securely. So we ran with the idea, creating a brand vision rooted in the concept of morse.

Signal Fleet Design

The fleet

From the start of the project, one of the most exciting aspects for the team was branding a fleet of vans, articulated trucks and municipal vehicles (we do love to see our work out in the world!).

We wanted to create vans that would grab attention whether parked up or cruising on the motorway. Using the brand style, we created a visual system that stands out against white and black vehicles, giving a nod to the brand while introducing a feeling of movement..

Signal Fleet Photos

A benefit of having such a simple, bold style is that it’s cost effective to produce, while still packing a punch—an important consideration when you’re growing a fleet of vehicles!

Signal Advert Mockups
Signal Advert Mockups

Branding is beyond a logo

Getting the logo signed off is just one part of creating a brand. It needs a strong visual style and voice to back it up. For Signal we loved the idea of adding an extra layer of depth to the brand—a detail that at first you might not notice, but would provide a satisfying feeling to anyone who spotted it.

The morse code that formed the icon was perfectly suited for this. As well as using it on the vehicles we introduced this as a detail across the whole brand; from spelling out names on business cards to adding hidden details around the office!

Signal Brand Application

The rest of the team are currently busy finishing the website, and we’ll post about that soon.

We love exploring the ethos behind every company we work with, and building bespoke, disruptive brands. If you’d like to find out how we could help your brand stand out in your market, drop us a line.