Rob wrote a book!

By Toward,

July 2011


Designing The Invisible by Robert Mills

You may have noticed that yesterday we tweeted about Rob and his book. It’s something that he's talked (a LOT!) about in recent weeks in the studio. It’s sort of like when Mike did his charity bike ride, for weeks it was all bike bike bike! Now it’s changed to Rob, and it’s all book book book!

As you'd expect there's been the usual in studio jokes; 'Will you sign my copy Rob?', 'You sit down and relax author man', 'more grapes sir', but we don’t really mean it as it’s a big achievement and we’re super proud of him. The book went on sale on 19th July 2011 and ever since Rob has been swinging from moments of panic to moments of sheer joy.

So what’s it about? Well it's called 'A Practical Guide to Designing the Invisible' and it’s a PDF and ePub book (so you can read it on your Kindle or iPad). It’s about how we can tell better stories on the web by thinking about our content and how we can target it at our audiences. It covers everything from how colours communicate in different cultures to typefaces, icons, tone of voice and branding. It's packed with examples along the way, making it a practical guide for those just starting out in the web or for those who want a refresher in the basics.

Spread of A Practical Guide to Designing the Invisible A spread from A Practical Guide to Designing the Invisible

The book has been published by Five Simple Steps, a small independent publisher of practical design books for web professionals. Make sure you get yourself over there and have a look, and I'm sure Rob wouldn't complain if you bought a copy!

Well done Rob! When’s the sequel due?