New website for homeless charity Solas

By Toward,

July 2012


New Solas homepage

Last week we launched a new website for Solas. They provide services for people who are vulnerable, homeless or at risk of homelessness. Solas are also part of the Seren Group who we've been working closely with for a long time.

A number of page templates were developed for the site

This project was one of the first where we adopted a 'content first' approach. Once the site structure and scope had been agreed, the client became responsible for writing, collecting and managing the content, text and images for the site. Hayley at Solas did a fantastic job. She defined and correlated all the content, which really helped everyone involved understand how it worked together. This process allowed us to focus on how to best layout the actual text and images, rather than using dummy text and placeholders. It also massively cut down on the time wasted on amendments and post build changes, and generally made the whole project run smoothly.

Detail of the grid we used to help with hierarchy and layout Detail of the grid we used to help with hierarchy and layout

With the brand style and identity already in place we set to work on the visuals. To maintain consistency, we used the existing colours of orange and purple but also introduced a complimentary colour pallet for call to actions throughout the site. This along with Solas' own photography helps add some vibrancy to the design.

Page templates for the Solas website Examples of different page layouts used for the site

The new site was built using WordPress which means the client has full control of all the content and can update the stories, services and job opportunities, as well as features, images and downloads as needed. The new site is a big step forward for Solas and we're pleased to be involved with an organisation that truly make a difference to people's lives.

Hayley from Solas said 'Toward have provided Solas with a fantastic service in re-building our website, they were open to our ideas, flexible and able to create a dynamic and informative site with the information we provided. They have always responded promptly to our requests to make any additions or changes and are always happy to meet, overall a brilliant company to work with.'

Check out the site at and let us know what you think in the comments below.