New website for Fleet Auction Group

By Toward,

September 2010


Toward has just launched a new website for Leicester based auction house the Fleet Auction Group (FLAG). Fleet asked us to help them refresh their online presence following a stage of expansion and investment, based on the other auction websites we've developed recently including Newport Auctions.

The Brief

Our brief was to completely overhaul the visual impact of the site, build a more functional and informative stocklist system, reorganise the entire online registration and account activation procedure and prepare for future enhancements such as user targeted and search based marketing.

fleet auction group

The Design

The first part of the project was to sort out the visual side of the site. Working with the existing logo we created a much stronger and more consistent design layout which made finding important information easy. We developed a rejuvenated colour pallete that introduced a range of complimentary colours to help highlight key areas of interest and using commissioned photography, we created slideshows which appear throughout the site.

fleet auction group

The Build

Working closely with our Scottish friends Kingfisher Systems who provide the auction management and internal systems, we moved onto the build of the site. The first area of focus was the way stock was displayed. We moved away from the existing 'text only' format and introduced a new design including a full image gallery of each vehicle, extended details and the option to add individual vehicles to a personalised watchlist.

We also developed online registration and account activation systems which provides two levels of security for Fleet Auctions which ensures that only trade customers can use the site to it's full potential. Registered customers can access sales and stock reports, settlement information and manage their watchlists from the 'My FLAG' client area. Here they can also access Vickrey, FLAGs online auction system.

fleet auction group