New logo & website design for Severn Trading

By Toward,

September 2010


Toward have just finished off a small branding and website project for Severn Trading, a start up company dealing in the trading of specialist logistics and haulage vehicles, and storage containers. We were asked to create a logo and CMS website to help promote the business both locally and nationally. For the logo, we created a simple icon of the Severn Bridge, where the company takes its name from. The type uses a customised version of Gotham and is influenced by the stencil cut type often seen on the trailers of HGV's.

For the website, we used a simple layout and colour pallete and focused the attention on the stock listings which are updated daily. Each page features a carousel of the most recently added stock so the user is never more than 1 click from the items on offer. We developed a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) to make it easy for the client to manage all the stock internally, create and manage categories and create image galleries and downloadable datasheets.

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